Black Jack 21

Take another one or stick!

Black Jack or "21" is considered as one of the world's most popular gambling games played with cards.

The aim of Black Jack, which is played against the bank, is to acquire a total value as near as possible to 21, without exceeding it.

To determine this count, the player must remember that cards from two to nine take their pip or number value. Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings count ten each. Aces, at the player's option, count 1 or 11 points.

Black Jack is available at LeGrand Casino in Skopje and at the LeGrand Casino in Bitola

Rules Of The Game

Picture cards (Jack, Queen and King) count as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11; any other card (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) counts as face value.

If your first two cards total 21, you have Black Jack. The dealer will announce “Black Jack” and pay you at odds of three-to-two. In the event that the croupier has Blackjack, the hand will be a Stand-off (a tie or draw) and you will neither win nor lose. However, if the croupier makes 21 with three or more cards, your Blackjack will win.

If you do not have Blackjack on your first two cards, you may decide to Stand (draw no more cards) or Hit (draw more cards) until you decide to Stand, or until your total goes over 21, in which case you lose. The croupier must Hit with 16 or less and stand with 17 or more. If the croupier goes over 21, all hands remaining on the table must be paid.

If you finish with a total closer to 21 than the croupier`s, you win and will be paid even money. If you and the dealer have the same totals, you have a Stand-off. In the event that the croupier has Black Jack, you lose unless you also have Black Jack, in which case you have a Stand-off.

Players in the game of Black Jack can also place a bet on a box (playing area) or behind another player`s bet. It is permitted up to three players to bet on one box, provided that the total of all bets remains within the maximum limits displayed on the table sign.


You may not handle, remove or alter any cards used in the game of Black Jack. To indicate to the croupier you wish to receive another card, simply say “Card” or move your hand in a brushing motion towards you. To Stand say “Enough” or move your hand in a horizontal cut-off-motion. Although the croupier will call out the hands, it is your responsibility to also check the point totals.

Splitting Pairs

If your first two cards have the same point value, you may ask the croupier to split your hand, and form two separate hands, by betting an amount equal to the original bet. You may split up to three times per box. If you split Aces, only one card is dealt to each Ace. If a ten-value-card is dealt to either Ace, the hand is treated as a 21, not Blackjack.


You may double your original bet at any of your first two cards by placing an additional bet on tehe box equal to your original bet. You will then receive one additional card on that hand. You can`t ask for more cards. Doubling is also allowed on a splitted hand.


Whenever the first card dealt to the croupier is an Ace, the croupier will announce “Insurance” and you may make an insurance bet to secure your hand, not more than half your original bet, in case the croupier makes Blackjack.

Placing chips on the insurance line of the table layout may make an insurance bet. All insurance bets shall be placed immediately after the second card is dealt to each player and prior to any additional cards being dealt.

If the croupier wins Black Jack you will lose the original bet but you will win an insurance bet that shall be paid at odds of two-to-one. A player that receives Black Jack after the second card is dealt is not allowed to play an insurance bet.


In case you are not satisfied with the combination made by your first two cards, and before receiving the third card, you will have the opportunity to ask for half of your original bet to be given back to you after the croupier makes an announcement. This counts also if the first card of the dealer is Ace. The croupier shall take the other half of your original bet.

Bonus Pairs

This is additional game inside the game of Black Jack that is available on certain Black Jack tables, and if you like you can play it with no obligation to do so. If you decided to play Bonus Pairs you have to put an additional bet at the corner of your box. If your first two dealt cards are pair for example 2 and 2, 7 and 7, 10 and 10, J and J etc. than you have qualified for winning Bonus Pairs. A winning Bonus Pairs shall be paid as shown:

any pair with different suit and colour 6 to 1
any pair with different suit and same colour 12 to 1
any pair with same suit and colour 25 to 1