UTH Poker - Challenge

Play UTH Poker and win the weekly challenge with your winner highest hand.


1. All casino visitors have the right to participate;

2. The challenge begins every Monday after 22:00 and ends on the following Monday after 22:00, until the change of the current croupier (it is considered as one period);

3. All hands shall be taken into account for the duration of the challenge itself and shall be valid only for that period;

4. The winner is the one who played the strongest winning hand at that time of the period;

5. The winner of the challenge receives х20 from the Ante bet that was placed during the play of the strongest hand;

6. The reward is valid within a period of 24 hours after the end of the weekly challenge. If the winner of that weekly challenge does not get the reward within the stated time limit, it will become invalid;

7. For any misunderstanding related to this challenge, the Management's decision is final;